The Mentorship Challenge

The Mentorship Challenge
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The Mentorship Challenge was first conceived by Redefine Properties as an innovative way to make a real difference in people’s lives, and to demonstrate Redefine’s commitment to our country and its future leaders. Mentorship serves as a guiding hand out of poverty to success – securing a better and stronger future for all South Africans. This initiative offers us an opportunity to inspire fellow corporates to join the mentorship movement and give back to communities in a meaningful and sustainable way.

The Mentorship Challenge allows ordinary South Africans to connect with legendary leaders in every possible field – from artists to architects, techpreneurs to teachers, from singers to stockbrokers to scientists, fashionistas to philanthropists, from property developers to publicists and professional athletes. From the very start, then, the intention was to revive and entrench a culture of mentorship in a skills-scarce South Africa – to create a rich resource of masterclasses that could be drawn on by future leaders and promising entrepreneurs, from all walks of life.

The Mentorship Challenge, through an interactive online platform, enables thought leaders to share those nuggets of wisdom and insight that you won’t find in any business manual. It’s all about those personal instincts and invaluable lessons learned on the road to success, and it’s about leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

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