Pitch & Polish

Pitch & Polish
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Pitch & Polish now entering its tenth year, is an Idols-type competition in which contestants are given the opportunity to present (pitch) their businesses or business ideas to an audience. The members of the audience are primed to act as investors and bankers. Would they – on the basis of the pitch – invest in the entrepreneur?

Throughout the course of a day, the facilitator takes both the participants and the audience through a workshop designed to develop lateral-thinking skills. As part of the workshop, the facilitator – in conjunction with the audience – works with the contestants to improve (polish) their pitches.

The process highlights the current inadequacies and gaps of the contestants’ pitches. Through a combination of the workshop, audience participation and the facilitator’s probing, contestants are equipped with the requisite skills to produce a compelling and well-rounded pitch.

Pitch & Polish is a unique synthesis of training, audience participation and competition. The beauty of the format is that the audience learns as much as the contestants. Everyone leaves the process enriched!

Each day of the event culminates in each of the entrepreneurs pitching their polished business ideas to a panel of expert judges. The judges ask clarifying questions and then provide feedback to each contestant before appointing the day’s winner.

Because entrepreneurs are inherently competitive, the Pitch & Polish format provides a powerful mechanism to vicariously educate and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs.

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