Orange Corners

Orange Corners
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Orange Corners is an initiative of the Kingdom of The Netherlands that provides young entrepreneurs across Africa and the Middle East with the necessary training, networks and facilities to start and grow their startups.

Each Orange Corners programme is initiated by our local Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. We seek out partnerships with stakeholders of the local startup ecosystem, such as incubators and co-working spaces, local, Dutch and international companies and established knowledge institutes. Collectively, we form a vibrant and diverse network of actors that, under the auspices of the Embassy, launches various programmes to support starting entrepreneurs.

Our core programme is the creation of ‘Orange Corners’ in participating African and Middle Eastern countries. These are spaces in existing incubators or co-working locations where young entrepreneurs can gain skills and ideas to create and grow innovative startups. We select 15 to 30 starting entrepreneurs to participate in each Orange Corner and present them with a six to twelve-month incubation programme. The incubation programme is run by our local service providers who have experience with startups and understand the local dynamics and context better than we do.

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