IDF Capital

IDF Capital
Long Business Description:

IDF Capital was established on 01 March 2008, to exploit the opportunity of profitably investing in the entrepreneurial SME landscape by providing appropriate financial and non-financial products and support to unlock value of the SME sector.

IDF Capital aspires to be more than just another African business. It is our goal to become catalysts of economic growth across Africa by supporting people on their entrepreneurial journey. Our bespoke service offering gives entrepreneurs the boost they need to grow operationally, and become financially independent through leveraging our experience and knowledge of the African market. We are driven to provide continued sustainability of African businesses through capital and intelligent support. We believe in the power of small businesses to facilitate trade and create jobs.

Our mission is to facilitate access to finance for high growth businesses through:

Providing responsive and innovative financial solutions that unlock the economic potential of the African continent.
Achieving high social and economic returns for investors by investing in entrepreneurial businesses that will yield high social and economic returns with sufficiently mitigated risk.
Harnessing the intrapreneurship culture of our employees with the aim of creating shared sustainable wealth.

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